The End of Pink Wota :: Death and Rebirth

top ten favorite k-pop tracks of 2011!
f(x) : krystal : come hither

In short: SNSD, I am disappoint; Kim Jungmo is better than all your oppars; and Infinite kicked ass this year.

Happy 2012!!!

☽ :: Liz :: Sunrise, Sunset
snsd : hyoyeon : genie (japanese) gif
Things are picking up in the K-Pop world in the last month, and some things are winding down. So here, enjoy my comeback thoughts and Super Junior feelings.

Also, because we forgot to post them: Pink Wota goes to Lollapalooza!

Bitches love Chicago.Collapse )

▲ :: Vee :: Aimi, Myself & I
lee pace • :3

Share with your uninitiated friends and family who know that you care about J-Pop and keep sending you links, saying "they're talking about your AK47 girls on the news" or "Did you hear about the robot girl in the AKB's?"

Sometimes non-wota are funny, but this is a good opportunity for some discourse with them. Be gentle. In other words, don't be like me.

♀ :: Vee :: The Feminism of AKB48
lee pace • :3
What I am about to talk about cannot be talked about in broad, sweeping generalizations. Because feminism, and patriarchy, are both things I regard very carefully. However, to talk about it in tiny little compartments of specific influence, I can't hold back any longer. Just because I don't have time to respond to everyone the way I'd like to and just because I keep thinking people are going to take this the wrong way or rake me over the coals for things I overlooked, I can't make that keep me from writing.

I'm writing this as a woman. I love J-Pop as a woman. I love idols as a woman. So I understand the shame that comes with lusting after idols as woman, even a gay or bisexual woman. You're just contributing to the cycle of female objectification and unrealistic feminine expectations. I get that. It does not change the fact that Akimoto Sayaka makes me hot. I don't mind that she makes me hot, and in fact I rather like it. I'm not going to ask her to tone down the sexiness just so men won't take advantage of that, because I like what I get from J-Pop idols. You know, as a woman.

I got it a lot from Morning Musume in earlier years. Around the time "Kimagure Princess" came out, though, a certain spark was lost. Male-dominated society likes to call this, with a tongue-in-cheek "oh you're so adorable" tone of condescension, "Girl Power". But really, that's what was suddenly missing from Morning Musume. And Berryz. And, fuck, all of my J-Pop faves, to be honest. Girl Power. Those songs and performances like "Koko ni Iruzee", "THE Manpower!!!", and even "Mikan" - songs that made me want to get out and do shit. Morning Musume were my idols long before they were my sexy gals, because they made me feel happiness and power together in one song. That's an important combination.

So, it sort of fell off.

Then along came "RIVER".


シ :: Liz :: WGW K-Pop, Ep. 2: Japanese Boogaloo
suju : donghae : super girl (clap)

NB: To be fair, Sungmin's Japanese is pretty good. It's everyone else I'm concerned about. Although I bet Zhou Mi will be amazing at Japanese because he is amazing at everything, the flawless bitch.

in case the video doesn't appropriately showcase my annoyance with this situation, have a complimentary gifspam.Collapse )

☀ :: Vee :: It's a Pale, Pale Summer
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Hello darlings! It's Vee here, braving the non-video world of blogging once again to help kickstart a great program by my blogging mentor and founder of International Wota, Ray! Really, in a way, I think I'm helping out everyone, as will probably become apparent by the content of this article. What's the big deal? I refer, of course, to the brand-spanking new International Wota Summer Refreshment Program!

Armed with ten dollars, I headed out to try and find some ice cream, because ice cream seemed like it would be appropriately easy to find on the beach, and I wanted some fucking ice cream. Well, guess what? Turns out that ice cream is stupidly difficult to find on Panama City Beach, and I ended up doubling back around to the same place I'd had in mind since the beginning of the day, after driving for an hour. Not all was lost, though - I listened to my fair share of PASSPO and AKB48 on the trip.

I wanted badly to take a photo of the ice cream cone artfully arranged with my laptop, but 90°F weather and fat children running all around the parking lot of a tiny New Orleans-themed cafe did not want to cooperate. Therefore, I took the photos the only way I could...

From within the air-conditioned sanctuary of my car

And again, at a long stop light. There are a couple of out-takes from this process that involve my best Momoiro Clover impressions, but when I will reveal them depends on how much you're willing to pay for them.

As a follow-up, I decided to take some time to lay out on the patio at my new house. Okay, understand: it's fucking hot outside. And there's not a cloud in the sky. And my patio is definitely not downwind of fuckall. So after about twenty minutes of simply baking without a hint of a breeze, I happened upon an idea for my first Summer Refreshment post -

Damn, idols are lucky that they don't have to tan.


☭ :: Vee :: Bitches I'm Drunk IDEC If I'm Late
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I made this video about senbatsu results and Ayumi potentially being knocked up a week ago. It took me until now to post it. ~~~~~~~~~~YOU'RE WELCOME~~~~~~~~~~~~

¥ :: Vee :: You Crazy Wota and Your Money
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Behold, wota are still doing things they are probably going to regret on their deathbed when they realize they couldn't afford to put their kids through university. Yes it's possible for wota to have kids. Possible and TERRIFYING.

♫ :: Liz :: Today's Theme is Depressing Shit
snsd : hyoyeon : guuuuurl

2NE1 and miss A both released music videos today. I am disappoint, son. :|||||||

If you want to see the videos NOT in PIP, click under the cut:

'Lonely' and 'Love Alone'Collapse )

❤ :: Vee :: First Post is About Laser Beams
lee pace • :3

So Nakata is in this vid? Is that a leopard print morph suit he's wearing underneath that white get-up? If so, we have a Dominic Howard connection. Nakata (if it even is him) isn't the star attraction of the PV preview, it's Perfume looking flawless as always.

Also, their Leboutins. Get it, bitches.

When I first heard the preview of this song one of my initial reactions was "it's very Asian." I didn't think that made a lot of sense, but seriously if you put the melody of "Laser Beam" to a shamisen or a flute it's palpably Asian, moreso than most of their hits.

That said, this is going to be a ridiculous hit. Future Summer Jam, right here.


By the way, Pink Wota is back.


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